Checkout Information

Checkout Process

All cleaning must be completed by 11am on Friday, April 7th.

1.  Complete the online checkout below by Friday, March 31st.

2.  Review your checkout packet in your apartment (delivered 3-16) and select a cleaning assignment. We will be picking the green sign up sheet from your apartment on Thursday, March 23rd.

3.  We are offering two checkout times per apartment.  These are the ONLY times we will be assessing the cleaning in your apartment. Only one apartment representative is needed during that time to help us with the assessment. Any students leaving prior to the checkout times can leave their paperwork with their roommates so it is available during the appointment.  

Manager guided re-checks are provided at the next scheduled appointment for each apartment or as time allows. Otherwise we will complete a final assessment at the end of checkout period.  You can sign up for a checkout time HERE.

4. Key returns:  At the start of the semester each student was asked to sign out a key in our office.  We ask the students sign back in the key with our offices during office hours. If this is not possible, key may be returned to our offices after hours using the envelope provided in the mailbox outside the office door.