Welcome to our deep dive into the bustling student population and vibrant life at Brigham Young University's Idaho campus (BYU-I). Located in the heart of Rexburg, BYU-I offers an enriching blend of academic and extracurricular experiences in an environment grounded in Christian principles. 

In this blog post, we'll cover everything from the diversity of the student population, popular majors, on-campus amenities, food options, and the plethora of activities that students can enjoy. As an affordable housing provider, Hillcrest Townhouses play a crucial role in the overall student experience, ensuring our residents have a comfortable base from which to immerse themselves in the wonders of BYU-I life. Get ready for a sneak peek into the rewarding journey awaiting you at BYU-I!


BYU-I boasts an impressive student population, currently standing at over 40,000 undergraduate students from various parts of the world. This diverse congregation fosters a multicultural environment that encourages understanding, acceptance, and the sharing of experiences among its inhabitants. This inclusivity extends beyond geographical origins, as BYU-I also supports a varied spectrum of academic interests and pursuits.

Among the many academic fields, some of the most popular majors include Business Management, Elementary Education, Psychology, Liberal Arts, and Nursing. These majors reflect the comprehensive range of subjects offered at BYU-I, catering to diverse career goals and personal interests. Each student, regardless of their chosen field, contributes to the unique, stimulating atmosphere that defines BYU-I, shaping the rich fabric of campus life and creating an invaluable network of future professionals across numerous industries. A stay at BYU-I isn't just about academics, but also about becoming part of a vibrant, globally-minded community.

Campus Amenities

The BYU-I campus, nestled in the heart of Rexburg, Idaho, offers an enriching environment that caters to various student needs. Its stunning architecture and beautiful landscapes provide a serene backdrop for academic pursuits and extracurricular activities.

The central hub of student activity is the Manwaring Student Center. This sprawling complex houses a host of essential services and recreational facilities. Here, students can find the University Store, several dining options, study areas, a bowling alley, and even a dance studio. The center also contains the offices of student government and many student-led organizations.

Beyond the campus borders, Rexburg caters to student life with a variety of amenities; grocery stores, restaurants, and cafés are just a walk or short drive away. Moreover, the student accommodations are conveniently located to allow easy access to these amenities, making them a practical choice for students looking for a comfortable, accessible living environment.

Food Options

Whether you're in a rush between classes or looking for a leisurely meal with friends, BYU-I caters to all appetites and dietary preferences. On-campus, students have access to a wide array of food options. The Crossroads, located inside the Manwaring Center, offers a variety of dining options, from pizza to Mexican dishes, Asian cuisine, and sandwiches. For those who are on the lookout for something light, try La Creperie, a fine spot to enjoy fluffy crepes.

Around the campus, Rexburg's food scene offers an assortment of local eateries, fast food chains, and health-conscious options. From tasty barbeque at Big Jud's to vegan options at The Burg, there's something for everyone. Plus, the close proximity of the accommodations to these food spots ensures students can easily satisfy their cravings anytime.

Activities for Students

BYU-I and the surrounding Rexburg area offer a plethora of exciting activities to engage the student population. Each activity showcases the unique charm and community spirit of Rexburg while promoting social interaction among students.

Fall ushers in a season of celebration with events like Oktuberfest, which honors the local potato industry with music, crafts, and a potato bar. Alternatively, pumpkin enthusiasts can visit the Fall Fest at Treehouse Nursery for hayrides, music, and a fairytale forest adventure.

Halloween brings festive joy to Hemming Village with superhero-themed decorations and activities. For a touch of nostalgia, students can enjoy Halloween Movie Night at Teton Vu Drive-In, complete with games, dinner, and candy.

The month of October also introduces thrill-seekers to the Rexburg Straw Maze & Haunted Forest. This straw maze is scare-free for most of the week, but turns haunted on Fridays, Saturdays, and the week leading up to Halloween. For a supernatural stroll, the Haunted Forest is open every Friday and Saturday night during October.

Outside Rexburg, The Haunted River in Menan and The Haunted Mill in Teton promise chills and thrills throughout October. Back in town, students can enjoy a screening of "I Be A Witch" or participate in the Fall Cornhole League after the Halloween festivities.

November brings a touch of culture with the “Saints on the Seas” Oratorio, a musical production by the Rexburg Tabernacle Orchestra. This production highlights the stories of those seeking Zion, reminding the community of the rich historical and religious heritage of the region.

These activities showcase the vibrant community spirit of Rexburg and provide students with an enriching and diverse college experience. BYU-I students have the opportunity to create lasting memories while building lifelong friendships. Experience this and more while staying at one of Rexburg’s most premiere student-living environments at Hillcrest Townhouses.

BYU-I Honor Code

The Brigham Young University-Idaho Honor Code is a key part of student life, fostering an environment of respect, responsibility, and Christian values. It's more than a list of rules; it's a pledge of personal integrity that every student agrees to uphold.

The Honor Code includes commitments to academic honesty, ethical conduct, and adherence to Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) standards. This means no drinking, recreational drugs, heavy partying, or drinking coffee. Such lifestyle expectations create a focused and harmonious community that respects the individual's pursuit of knowledge and spiritual growth.

Living up to the Honor Code is integral to the BYU-I experience, helping students align personal growth and academic achievements with the university's core values.

As you embark on your journey at BYU-I, there's an array of opportunities that await you. The vibrant student population, broad selection of majors, amenities on and around campus, various food options, and numerous student activities promise an enriching experience. Moreover, the high regard for the honor code fosters a supportive and respectful community. If you're looking for the perfect place to call home while studying, consider Hillcrest Townhouses. They offer affordable, comfortable accommodation that respects the BYU-I Honor Code. For more information or to schedule a tour, contact them at [email protected] or give them a call at (208) 356-7211. Welcome to your new life at BYU-I!